Window Detective is a programmer's tool used to "spy" on an application's windows and allows you to view and even modify some of it's properties.


If you've got any question or suggestion or have any bugs to report, you can create a tracker, or drop by the forums.


Window Detective is translated in a number of different languages (English being the original language). If you want to translate it in your own language, see here for instructions.

Source Code

The source code for each version of Window Detective can be downloaded from SourceForge at the same place as the installers.

It is packaged as a zip file which contains the source code as well as the pre-compiled binaries and data required to run the program. No installation is required to run, although settings will not be saved unless the registry key exists in HKCU\Software.

To build the source code, you will need Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Qt 4.6 framework to compile it. Qt is relatively easy to install and setup, you can download it here.
It may be possibly to build with other compilers although i haven't tried.

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